Weekly Perspective: January 17th, 2021

Happy Sunday, Everyone! This Weekly Perspective covers a brief overview of my monthly book(s) to read and my weekly journal prompt so that you can join along with me as I go about my weekly practices!

Every month I will be reading one or two books and sharing my thoughts and reflections on them. In addition, every Sunday, I will post a self-discovery writing prompt that I will take about 30-minutes to reflect and write on. You will find my response to last week's prompt below. If you'd like, please share your own in the comments. My wish is that this will be a safe place for personal growth and community support!

I will also share any other interesting updates with you here to keep you up-to-date and informed. Be sure to subscribe and join, to never miss any crucial information or updates, and comment on your progress below as an active member of our community!

January 2021 Book(s) of the Month: A Brief History of Time & The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking

Weekly Self-Discovery Writing Prompt: Who are you trying to impress in life and why? How does this influence your motivation?


Last Week's Insight

What is one subject you could sit and talk about for twenty minutes straight?

This is an extremely difficult decision to make. Not because I don't have interests, oh no, quite the contrary. My interests range from politics, environmental issues, video games, reading, and so much more. It is almost impossible to choose just one and not expect the conversation to turn into another with the flick of a wrist! However, if I had to choose a single topic, it would absolutely be diving!

My mom gifted me with the gift of my open water certification in 2016, and I immediately fell head-over-heels in love. I fell in love with the ocean itself, the challenge of learning a new skill, and the incredible people it places you in a position to meet. On my very next trip after my OWD certification, I went head-first down the rabbit hole of learning new skills and certifications, and as of now, once I finally get my photo and paperwork sent in, I am a Master Diver.

Along the way, I discovered a love for photography, especially underwater. The photos you see here, they are all mine! In addition, it caused me to really think about how we live our lives, where our pollution is going, and why year after year, I see fewer corals and wildlife in my favorite dive spots. Thus, it sparked my now life-long dream of earning my Ph.D. in Marine Biology.

I not only want to #saveourseas, but I want to be an instrumental element in the restoration and conservation of our coral reefs. I believe (and hope a bit too!) that if we can stabilize our corals, this will create a domino effect that will strengthen and reinvigorate all ocean life forms. It starts with rebuilding the homes, and the rest will hopefully follow!

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