Weekly Perspective: Jan 10th, 2021

Happy Sunday, Everyone! This Weekly Perspective covers a brief overview of my monthly book(s) to read and my weekly journal prompt so that you can join along with me as I go about my weekly practices!

Every month I will be reading one or two books and sharing my thoughts and reflections on them. In addition, every Sunday, I will post a self-discovery writing prompt that I will take about 30-minutes to reflect and write on. Beginning next week, you will find my response to last week's prompt below. If you'd like, please share your own in the comments. My wish is that this will be a safe place for personal growth and community support!

I will also share any other interesting updates with you here to keep you up-to-date and informed. Be sure to subscribe and join, to never miss any crucial information or updates, and comment on your progress below as an active member of our community!

January 2021 Book(s) of the Month: A Brief History of Time & The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking

Weekly Self-Discovery Writing Prompt: What is one subject you could sit and talk about for twenty minutes straight?


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I have found that I genuinely am questioning everything. The beliefs I grew up with, my viewpoint on right and wrong, and my dedication to becoming better for myself. I find myself with views that I want to share, learning information I hope everyone can enjoy, and I wanted a place to share everything I am learning. I am a thirty-year-old college student working towards a Ph.D. in Marine Biology, a master diver, a skincare junkie, a mostly vegan, and a trying minimalist, to name just a few bits of crazy to make me, me.

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