Life is such a strange thing, the minute you think you have it all figured out is, quite frankly, the moment you realize it all goes to shit. While I have had every intention to be consistent in life and school, COVID-19 had a way of getting in the way. While I had always hoped to have additional contributors and truly contribute myself, life tends to creep up and challenge you in various ways. Does this mean you can not continue? HELL NO! What it does mean, however, is that sometimes expectations change, and so do priorities. If I'm honest, that is entirely ok, and so many people struggle with the idea that life is all or nothing, but I would like to challenge that idea. I set out with grand ambitions, but I have come to realize that life is full of those, and sometimes it means taking a step back to realize that you need to prioritize specific things in place of others. I had hoped to be writing my commitments through articles moving forward, but instead, I am thinking realistically. My goal was and maintains to be sharing opinion pieces to instigate thought and, I cannot commit to a dedicated timeline. My goal is to find and empower those who do to a platform for everyone of all mindsets who wish to see things from many perspectives. This is only the beginning, and I hope that those who have an interest will be willing to be patient as I find my own rhythm and balance among the craziness of our time. I look forward to sharing the solutions I have found in time management and the obstacles I have faced while focusing on my own path. This blog is a priority for me, and I look forward to seeing where the growth may take us with a healthy dose of patience and perseverance.


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I have found that I genuinely am questioning everything. The beliefs I grew up with, my viewpoint on right and wrong, and my dedication to becoming better for myself. I find myself with views that I want to share, learning information I hope everyone can enjoy, and I wanted a place to share everything I am learning. I am a thirty-year-old college student working towards a Ph.D. in Marine Biology, a master diver, a skincare junkie, a mostly vegan, and a trying minimalist, to name just a few bits of crazy to make me, me.

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