Meet the face
behind the posts

On the heels of 2020, my life is already looking so transformatively different than it did this time last year. 2020 was a year of firsts and a global year of learning. I began my back to school journey in January of 2020, experienced deployment working with a state medical team, my employer closed our USA office, and of course, let's not forget that little thing known as Covid. Despite the many challenges that everyone faced this past year, I have seen so much self-growth within myself, my friends, family, and strangers alike! It gives me hope that we will all come out of this experience as beings who are better now than they once wore.

It is with that self-growth in mind that I begin this blog. Since I've embraced school once again, I have found that I genuinely am questioning everything. The beliefs I grew up with, my viewpoint on right and wrong, and my dedication to becoming better for myself. I find myself with views that I want to share, learning information I hope everyone can enjoy, and I wanted a place to share everything I am learning. I am a thirty-year-old college student working towards a Ph.D. in Marine Biology, a master diver, a skincare junkie, a mostly vegan, and a trying minimalist, to name just a few bits of crazy to make me, me.

I have no idea where this new journey will take me, but I hope that regardless of anything else, this will be a place for me to explore the many facets of myself and to help one or two others along the way. I hope that you will join me along my journey and that you find your own perfect version of yourself!